lunes, 22 de julio de 2013

up to clouds

up to clouds

Warehouse boyfriend tee
$18 -

Joseph biker jacket

J Brand skinny leg jeans
$345 -

Oversized sunglasses

GloMinerals blush
$49 -

Passionate Purple Tulips Flowers

This look is special for going anywhere, comfortable jeans with a cute jacket is all you need to go out with friends or going to work. Pick up some cute colorful jeans and add a pretty jacket and there you have the look!

jueves, 18 de julio de 2013

my wishes

To go to…

my wishes

A P C a p c

Black shoes
$46 -

Chanel black handbag

Today a new look to go to university. Simple basic clothes that fits perfectly to go college and meet your friends, comfortable and cute. That's all you need!

lunes, 15 de julio de 2013

it couldn't be better

Monday look
it couldn't be better

Floral print sundress
$23 -

River Island high heels
$76 -

Hollywood Destinations I 28 1/2" High Framed Wall Art

Today a cute floral design to start the week. Monday’s are always lazy that’s why we’ll choose a dress, you can wear it comfortably to go anywhere. Big bag to carry all your stuff in it and a cute jacket to complete the look. Shoes have platform so they’re better to walk much, Monday’s are always hurry. You’ll be using this outfit with hair down and soft make-up, it’s much more easy to prepare and start rushing on Monday.

domingo, 14 de julio de 2013

the green light

the green light

Sessùn long dress

AllSaints leather jacket

High heels

Tom ford

Nail polish

Gee Beauty makeup
$130 -

This is the new trend for this sunday, going out to a coffee with friends would be a perfect way of enjoying the day. Also to go out with your boy and have a lovely evening. It's fresh and sophisticated. Natural colors give a freshy image, blond girls suit perfectly to green colour, so go get green dress blondies!